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You see I'm kind of confused on what I want to do in the future. It might sound lame but I want my job to deal around sports and children. I think I want to be an athletic director and on the side from that I would like to be a personal trainer, coach and I would love to own my own sports camp for the summer time. I feel that children now a days dont have good coaching, or people helping them get to college. So I would like that be that person that helps them succeed in sports and education as well. I never really had good coaching when I was growing up and never really had a coach who would of help me get recruited. They always said they were but never stood on their word. I wish I would of had more knowledge about it when I was younger and would of made better decisions but I guess its to late for that. This is why I want to help other kids because I've seen alot of people go down because of coaches and stuff and I dont think they deserve that.

Proposal draft (final paper)

                                                                                    Can We Save The Environment?

Why is that people consider littering as one major problem in our community but yet they still do it?  Littering can be imposed as an emotion referred to as nonchalant. Many individuals in our society routinely toss garbage on the streets which by itself may seem insignificant but together causes larger issues.
         Littering acts as a threat towards our society. It's not only an environmental issue but an economic development issue as well. Littering pollutes waterways which harms the health of people and animals. Through this it can effect our every day lives. For example, animals that live in the water can be poisoned by waste and we as people in the community could become very ill. Littering is usually conducted by citizens from the ages 16-24. Pollution can ruin an economic development of a community because it would lose business from many individuals. For example, many people wouldn't be drawn to a filthy environment. Think for instantly  would you want to live an environment with garbage everywhere and rodents running around? In the 14th century the Bubonic plague was established in Europe because of waste individuals contributed to the society. This resulted in fleas which were carried by black rats who caused this plague to come about.  Along with the plague in the early ages mosquitoes carried out a disease called the West Nile Viruses which was additionally the consequences of pollution. Displaying garbage can harm our society in such a bad manner this is why we should invest in a better community for a prosperous future.
         To have a successful future in our community the absence of littering must occur. In our community I think they should supply more trash cans in the area. The community can form groups to hand out garbage bags and ash trays for free, pick up garbage from the streets in order to save their environment.  Packages, billboards, personal messages should display how harmful pollution is to the society so that individuals would be more educated and aware of this issue. Taxes for littering should appear which could fund more campaigns and help our environment to be cleaned. Fines should also be given out to those they catch littering because it would discipline others not to do so. In doing this little by little littering would start to decrease.
    Many people may not find littering as a big deal but little do they know it’s effecting our future generations. Why not put a stop to littering? Why not create a better place for your children or peers in the future? Why not? You’re the only one who could make a difference!

Criteria Draft


       When there's a problem most people are impatient and want to take action instantly. Others might think the problem is not as important. This is why proposal arguments are made, to try to convince others to take action for change. The criteria of a proposal argument includes practical and ethical elements.

        A practical criteria is the argument being evaluated with a positive outcome and an ethical criteria shows what is morally right. The first four stories that I wrote about are examples of a practical criteria because their engaging to change for the better of the society. On the other hand the last story is an ethical criteria because it is morally right for the colonists to insist that they’ve been given the proper rights.

       "A Train of DNA and Data" by Paul Saffo shows how technology has an a effect on society and business. Saffo argues that using face or body recognition systems in public places isn't accurate for safety. In this essay Saffo proposed a good argument but didn't apply specific solutions that should take place as the other stories did. His method was proved with opinions rather then facts. But other then that the essay was written pretty well.

      "Coal of Nice Shade of Green" by Thomas Homer-Dixon explains the safety and environmental concerns in the society. For example, nuclear power, solar power, hydrogen implies to much energy to obtain. So he argues that we should use gasification which is a power plant that provides a tremendous amount of energy at a low risk. Thomas Dixon proposed a great argument also but failed to catch my interest. He verified his proposal with plenty of facts and the closing of his essay was written in a fine manner.

      "Building the Interstate Highway System" was a speech given by Richard Nixon. He wanted to construct new highways and modernize the old ones. In doing this it would prevent speeding, congestion and it would provide more parking areas. This essay was completely structured and supported by enough facts. This is a topic that would attract many citizens because it has to do with there daily lives.

      "Why Bother?" by Michael Pollan was written to inform society that global warming is based on the way we live our lives. Michael argues that social change would improve society because if individuals work to better the issues in the community then others will then follow. This essay was by far the best proposal I read out of the many. It was thought out well and caught my attention by the writers use of words.

       "The Micromagic of Microcredit" by Karol Boudreave and Tyler Cowen describes microcredit to be involved in small loans called microloans. These microloans help people survive but doesn't help pull them out of poverty. For example, it helps to pay for school, doctors investments etc. This essay was very specific and was utterly organized but not very interesting.

        "Declaration of Independence" by Thomas Jefferson was a document that the colonies wrote to tell Britain that they now consider themselves to be independent. This proposal was well written. It had an enormous amount of examples and facts to support it's method. This is one of the best proposal arguments without any doubt.

       As you can see there are numerous proposal arguments that have different issues but all want to perceive in a positive outcome. They’re written to draw you to believe their side of the matter. Proposal arguments are made to challenge the readers mind. It’s either you agree with the writer’s opinion or not.


You are able to do anything you want if you work as hard as you can.. Capability is what you have to complete the race.. Strive for it and you would achieve.. Satisfaction and relief is the award you get when you reach the end knowing you did everything you can to get it.. Determination is the key word along with faith in yourself.. There are going to be many issues that might stand in your way to achieve.. But you should never give up.. That's how you determine were your mind set stands and how strong of a person you could be or could of been..
If I was able to be any object I would be a box. A box is often closed and wrapped up to secure the item inside. Sometimes a box cant handle the weight inside so it just tears apart, it may often be thrown on the side to collect dust and it might even be used to let out surprises. Most boxes come with a warning sign with written regulations real small. Others are really hard to get open but eventually they seek what has been hidden. Some boxes may be even tough to break at times and sometimes it can turn out to be very fragile.


Don't you ever wish you could go back and relive old memories? Ever wanted to just stay young forever? I wonder how life would be if we were able to go back in time and relive old memories. Would it be the same when you come back to the future or would it be a whole new life every time? I feel as if the years are just flying by over the speed limit. It's like in a glimpse of an eye I'm going to be the lucky 40. I fear for that to happen sometimes because I know I'm going to miss playing sports,being in a young body, having no care in the world and just having fun.I know I'm going to reminisce back at my youth and miss everything that I was. Yes, I know your probably thinking I have many more years to go but sooner or later its going to happen right before your eyes when you least expect it.


I don't think I'm ever going to take an online class again. I regret the fact i just didn't go to summer school back at school. WHY DIDN'T I??? I ask myself this question every day. I guess I just wanted to be back home with my family since it was my first time being away. I feel like it would of been so much easier if I was at school. I have so much trouble with this it's ridiculous and I just got my e-book and I don't understand how to use mycomlab to do any assignments or test. I guess you could just say I'm a big mess but at least I realized this is not for me and never again will I do this.

Informative Essay

Amanda Campusano
English 101

Student Writers

Do college students know what to really expect from professors when it comes to writing? Straight out of High School many students coming into college are uneducated in the process of writing. Some students as freshman just do enough to get by for their first year but yet there are others that know the basic points but still have the important facts missing.

Inexperience college students have the least knowledge on what a professor might want.Many students view essays as if it only has to be written in a well organized manner and sound extremely educated. Most students also focus on grammar, choice of words and sentence structure most importantly. As for most students who aren’t mature in that level of
writing visualize essays in this act. On the other hand other students just think of college writing as being impossible.

Of course, students have to abide by the standards of writing by a professor. These standards are a lot more strictly then we as students envision it to be. Professors want us as college writers to explore outside our intelligence to create new knowledge (Faigley, 6). In
this book “Writing: A Guide For College and Beyond” it states the awareness instructors expect from a college student. As a student writer you should be able to inform your method in an unbiased approach. Grasping the readers attention by challenging their knowledge with complexity is very important to have with backed up facts and reasons (Faigley, 70). Correct grammar, less wordiness, and sentence structure should always be on point as well. Professors also like to view how much a writer has engaged is his or her writing (Faigley, 69).

As students our mind is still developing new knowledge every day. Professors are apart of helping us in the process. They expect a greater level of education then we do our selves. With practice and more experience students would be able to write to their full potential.

Informative Blog

College Writing explores different topics. Before writing a topic you have to develop a process of planing known as brainstorming. As a writer you also have to follow a certain genre and a guideline as well. Being able to produce claims with backed up facts and reason is a necessity your report needs to have. These standards of college writing may also be used in informative writing. In a informative essay communicating information has to be accurate and provided clearly. This is a process of writing that informs a reader about a subject not by a reflection or the actions taken by others. An example would be a newspaper article or even a magazine. Informative articles such as these try to persuade you which usually only states one point of view. But as of a informative report written by a college student being bias is not an option because a writer from college normally states more then one idea. As you can see informative writing can be developed in different attributes.

Reflection Draft

Process Thoughts
Have you ever had writers block? Or perhaps have you ever felt the urge to write a poem about the love of your life? Did you ever have to write an essay about a topic of your choice for a class? Well as you can see writing is an important element in every aspect of life whether you think so or not.

I have wrote different types of genres in my lifetime to express my emotions or even essays for school. But as I wrote I never really paid attention to any of the components that where needed to be processed. Many individuals just write for different qualities and don’t always focus on the proper way of doing so. Either they don’t have time, never really knew what others expected or they just thought it was irrelevant. Just from my experience I never thought the steps of writing where as important until I read our text book “Writing: A Guide For College and Beyond” by Lester Faigley.

In order to effectively write an essay, poem, story etc. one must be able to create a draft of some sort which will include all ideas for the piece. Some writers may brainstorm. This process involves writing down all the ideas that you may have for the piece as well what you may want to include in the piece. After this process is completed, the writer can begin to write to attract their audience in a complex yet clear fashion. Once that is done, the process of reading over the paper and editing should take place. During this time words that are too frequently used, sentence structure and/or other parts of the paper that are inconsistent or irrelevant can be removed.

Finally, the paper is completed with the writers ideas adequately put together. In order for the writers work to be written in a coherent manner, the writer has to be a good reader with a good use of vocabulary and understanding of concepts and ideas. Writing is a great way to express feelings, compose an idea or thought and help someone learn about a topic. Writing does not come easily and is advanced once the person has practiced and learned how to write effectively. Maturity is also an important component as well. Regardless of the genre or style when someone knows how to read and knows how to communicate well their work in writing can become very creative, innovative and endless without boundaries.